November 2020 COVID-19 Update

Because of the significant increase in SC and Chester County’s number of COVID-19 cases and the virus’ impact to our patients, staff, and their families, we have decided to greatly limit foot traffic in the agency between the Thanksgiving and New Year holidays. The following measures will begin Monday, November 30 and remain in effect […]

July 2020 COVID-19 Update

None of us expected that COVID-19 would still be such a difficult reality five months after it changed everything about how we do business. Hazel Pittman Center continues to do all it can as an organization to keep our patients, partners, and staff safe -while at the same time being keenly aware that there are […]

April 6 Update

Hazel Pittman Center continues to serve its patients via telehealth appointments and telephone check-ins. In order to minimize the number of people in our building and reduce needless travel from home, some members of our staff will begin working remotely on Monday, April 13, but there will always be personnel in our office Monday through […]

March 23 Update – Telehealth Instructions

We are now offering telehealth appointments with our counselors. To join a Telehealth video session with Kristin Campbell (Clinical Counselor) click here To join a Telehealth video session with Kristin Gibson (Treatment Director) click here To join a Telehealth video session with Michael Johnson (Clinical Counselor) click here To join a Telehealth video session with Lisa Monteith […]

Facilities Update

Hazel Pittman Center is continually monitoring the COVID-19 situation. As we receive additional information that impacts facilities such as ours, our patients and staff are our highest priority. Currently, we are not canceling treatment or intervention services. We will, however, be screening every person who comes into our building beginning today. Also, effective through Friday, […]