The Hazel Pittman Center is committed to protecting the privacy of people who participate in its programs and, in so doing, abides by all applicable federal and state laws that protect such confidentiality. The federal guidelines that further protect the privacy of medical information are part of the comprehensive Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, or HIPAA. Taking effect in April 2003, HIPAA gives individuals more control over and knowledge about who is using their medical information and for what purpose.

As a part of orientation to services, confidentiality will be discussed in detail. Hazel Pittman clients will receive a copy of the agency’s privacy notice that describes how information about clients may be used and how this information can be accessed. Generally, the organization will not share information with a third party without advance written authorization from the client or unless a pre-determined circumstance is in effect (such as, in the case of medical emergencies or suspected child abuse and/or neglect).