Services are designed to meet the individual needs of each adolescent and adult as well as their families. For more than 40 years, the Hazel Pittman Center has been the designated authority and service provider for matters related to substance use in Chester County. A person may enter our programs as a self-referral or by way of a referral from a physician, the courts, family members, or other agencies. People seeking help will be admitted to treatment based upon their individualized need(s).

These are some things you can expect from your treatment experience:

Screening and Assessment: A staff member will collect some basic information and begin the process of determining that Hazel Pittman Center is the right place for you to get the help you seek. A counselor will then talk with you about your unique needs, stressors, strengths, abilities, and preferences, and gather information about your past and current relationships, alcohol and other drug use history, health and psychological status, educational and vocational history, and other pertinent facts that could affect the direction and course of treatment. Based on this assessment, your counselor will use currently accepted criteria to verify a diagnosis and make a recommendation for placement (e.g. Detox, outpatient, IOP, etc.).

Treatment Team/Service Coordination: Counselors have the ability to consult with a team of other educated, trained, and qualified professionals if there are any concerns or questions related to your care. The Treatment Team is available, should you need them, to hear your concerns as well.

Individual Plan of Care (IPOC)/ Transition Plan: Each individual plan of care is developed between the client and his or her counselor. It is custom-tailored to fit the individual needs of the person receiving services. Your IPOC will be created after your assessment. It will be an agreement that details the goals and objectives towards which you are working and the recommended therapeutic services that will help you get to your desired outcomes.

Continuum of Care/Length of Services: Hazel Pittman Center offers prevention, intervention, and outpatient services to adults and adolescents. As a part of your individual plan of care, you will be given the day and time to start your services. You should know that the process of change can be hard at times. You might experience sadness, anxiety, and/or frustration, but you’ll also find moments of joy, laughter, and hope as you make positive changes. We hope that the counseling experience will lead you into new, deeper, or just more honest connections with the people currently in your life. Keep in mind that Hazel Pittman Center staff are advocates who want to support you in the pursuit of better health or recovery. Good outcomes require adequate lengths of service, meaning that the length of time you attend a program is individualized and based on your progress.

Referrals: If you have needs that Hazel Pittman Center’s services are not designed to address or meet, our staff will discuss referral options with you. Agencies we often refer to and consult with include Catawba Area Mental Health Center, primary care physicians, Vocational Rehabilitation, and the Department of Social Services.