The Hazel Pittman Center serves as the lead agency for the 6th Judicial Circuit’s Alcohol Enforcement Team.

Partnerships with law enforcement agencies in Chester, Lancaster, and Fairfield Counties allow Hazel Pittman Center Prevention Staff to be more effective in reducing access to and use of alcohol by underage youth.

Working with this specialized group of law enforcement officers who are dedicated to enforcing underage drinking laws, strategies are implemented in the community that include:

• Compliance Checks (sending underage youth into retail establishments to attempt to purchase alcohol)
• Party Patrols (monitoring communities for underage alcohol parties)
• Casual Contacts (a community policing effort to create awareness of the risk associated with underage alcohol use)
• Traffic Enforcement (routine traffic patrol and traffic checkpoints looking for underage alcohol use)
• Public Presentations (speaking to youth, parents, businesses and other community members about underage alcohol use)