ECHO DUI Task Force
(Empowering Communities for Healthy Outcomes)

Who We Are
The ECHO DUI Task Force is a partnership between the Chester County Sheriff’s Office, Chester Police Department, SC Highway Patrol, Fort Lawn Police Department, and the Great Falls Police Department. Together we are working to stop Drinking and Driving and Underage Drinking in Chester County.

What We Do
Research shows that increased enforcement has a direct effect on reducing fatalities caused by drinking and driving and underage drinking. Through this partnership, we are able to conduct safety checkpoints, compliance checks, and saturation patrols throughout Chester County.

Why We Do It
In 2016, there were 52 alcohol-related collisions that happened in Chester County. Due to those collisions, 18 people lost their lives. It is our hope that through this grant we will reduce the number of crashes throughout our county. It is the ECHO DUI Task Force’s belief that when it comes to the loss of life, 1Lifeis1tooMany!